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Labor Relations

Statement on Newsroom Organizing Intention

On July 8, 2019, Cascade Public Media received notification that a Petition for Election has been filed by Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild, part of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), a union seeking to represent newsroom employees in collective bargaining.  We will respond to the petition filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and will follow the procedures.


1. How did Cascade Public Media receive notice of the organization efforts?

On the morning of July 8, a group of employees gathered to deliver a document entitled Crosscut Employees Union Mission Statement. This document gave an overview of the group’s desires for representation, and was signed by 18 staff members. In the afternoon, CPM received a copy of formal notice of petition from the NLRB.

2. Why didn’t Cascade Public Media voluntarily accept recognition of this potential union?

Democracy is a core value of civic journalism and, as a fundamental belief, we feel that everyone who could potentially be a part of this union should have a chance to vote in a secret ballot election. Because not every employee who may be subject to union representation is included on the Crosscut Employees Union Mission Statement submitted July 8, 2019, we declined to voluntarily recognize the union.  We believe in giving every one of our staff a voice, and we are committed to following the processes and procedures as outlined by the NLRB. 

3. When will an election take place?

The election is confirmed for Wednesday, July 31 from 11am – 1pm at Cascade Public Media.

4. Which union is seeking to represent CPM Newsroom Employees?

Editorial Team employees are seeking representation by Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild, part of the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

5. How many employees would be eligible to join this union?

There are 19 people eligible to vote (based on position and hire date) representing 21 editorial team positions.

6. What do CPM’s Newsroom employees hope to gain in forming a union?

The Crosscut Employees Mission Statement identified pay, vacation and benefits, and layoff protection as primary reasons for organizing.

7. What is Cascade Public Media’s stance on unions?

Cascade Public Media recognizes the right of employees to form a collective bargaining unit. The organization is not opposed to unions. Currently, we have many employees represented by IBEW.  Our organization is committed to fair labor practices, and we will follow the processes and procedures as outlined by the NLRB. 

8. Is Cascade Public Media committed to local journalism?

Cascade Public Media is committed to local journalism today and for the long run. We have tripled the size of its newsroom since acquiring Crosscut in December 2015. The organization was founded on the belief that an informed public is essential to solving the challenges of our time. We are dedicated to a sustainable and vibrant future for nonprofit journalism in the Northwest.